A featherduster type meme

Yes memes are lazy blogging but I am lacking that certain spark to talk about my real world at the moment so they keep my hand in. I saw this one at Musings from the Sofa, yet another of those blogs I like to look at every now and then. It also seemed quite relevant seeing as way back when I started this blog on the premise of domestic joy!

A is for Aprons. Yes/no, favourites?

I love an apron, it makes you feel as if you are doing proper cooking and – considering I am a messy pup – it’s essential for avoiding tomato-based and turmeric like stains. I use a blue and white stripy one for everyday but have a lovely purple linen one with my initials embroidered on the front and a handy loop for a wipey hand cloth type thing. Genius.

B is for Baking. Favourite thing to bake?

Not the biggest baker but I make quite acceptable chocolate fairy cakes. Problem is I don’t eat cake or pastry type things so the motivation is often lacking.

C is for Clothesline, do you have one?

Yes, the birds like to perch on it which is about the most action it gets at this time of year. I love the smell of clothes from the outside.

D is for Doughnuts. Have you ever made them?

No, see above about baking. Not a sweet sort of person. Wouldn’t particularly occur to me.

E is for Everyday. One home making task you do every day.

Make the bed. I like neat beds with plumped pillows and – if possible – a fluffy-umptious duvet (although that gets a bit tricky towards the end of the week when everything starts to migrate to the end of the bed).

F is for Freezer. Do you have a separate deep freeze?

No, there’s only two of us so no real need. Having said that I do tend to over-cater so there’s always lots of leftovers cluttering up the place.

G is for Garbage Disposal Unit. Do you have one?

No. My parents have (very 80s thing to get installed) and always seems to cause no end of problems with the wrong things going down there and clogging it up.

H is for Handbook. What’s your favourite home making resource?

The Hamlyn Cook Book is my stand by on all things that I should know how to make but forget the measurements like Yorkshire puds. I went through a phase of buying lots of handbooks and household guides but some of the information is extraordinarily random and I don’t actually have time to do a lot of the things that are considered essential.

I is for Ironing. Love it or hate it?

Don’t like it at all. Really my least favourite domestic task. And the main problem is I like everything to be ironed (well not pants because that’s weird). A couple of years ago I decided to ease the load by sending my duvet covers to the laundry. It’s very indulgent but means I get about an hour back in my life. Hurrah!

J is for Junk Drawer. Have one, and if so, where?

Hmmm…several. Both drawers in the side table in the living room are semi-junkish although I do sort of know what’s in there and the contents are highly useful (keys to other people’s houses, tape measures and the such like). One of the drawers in the dining room dresser has a habit of morphing into a junk drawer every now and then but mostly contains batteries, corkscrews, matches and other exciting dining room related paraphernalia.

K is for Kitchen. Colour and decorating scheme?

At the moment yellow walls. It really needs repainting as it hasn’t been touched since we moved in and the ceiling has a weird swirly effect which I am ashamed to say is more to do with accumulated kitchen grime (and botched cleaning attempts) than anything else.

L is for Love. What’s your favourite part of home making?

Cooking. I find it so relaxing; nothing beats chopping an onion after a stressful day. Plus, as I learnt from the lovely Brahma Kumaris ladies, cooking with love makes food taste better.

M is for Mop. Do you have one?


N is for Nylons. Machine or handwash?

Don’t really have any nylons. All my tights have a super thick denier and get popped in the machine in a special hosiery bag-type thing.

O is for Oven. Do you have a window or do you open the oven door to check?

I have a window but you need to have a proper peek too.

P is for Pizza. What do you put on yours?

I never make pizza but my favourite pizza out is Quattro stagioni from Eco which has: artichoke, ham, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic & olive oil and is yummy.

Q is for Quiet. What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?

Ideally have a bath. I love baths. I know they’re not environmentally friendly but they are essential to my well-being on at least a weekly basis.

R is for Recipe Card Box.Yes/no? If yes, what does it look like?

I have a recipe folder which has a very nice print of Salisbury Cathedral on the front (not quite sure why, I suspect I was hoping for holy help). It has recipes that I tear out of magazines or print off the internet plus some ancient relics torn out of my Home Economics exercise book circa 1982 – ginger cake anyone?

S is Style of House.

1930s three bed terrace. Not quite as ubiquitous as the Victorian terrace in these here parts but not exactly standing out in the architectural style front.

T is for Tablecloths. Do you use them?

Yes. Lots. My current favourite actually started life as a Maasai blanket but is a fabulous tablecloth, only needs a cool wash and requires virtually no ironing. At this time of year though I have to start thinking about the Christmas table linen which probably needs a good wash and iron (bugger).

U is for Under the Kitchen Sink. Organised or toxic wasteland?

It’s organised but it’s size and shape (very narrow door, huge inaccessible space to the left) does not lend itself to easy access so there are times when I end up getting very cross at not being able to reach something so everything ends up on the floor whilst I try to work out if there is a good way of organising the beast and what tools I might need to help me (so far the perfect solution has remained elusive).

V is for Vacuum. How many times  a week?

I would like to say lots but the reality is only once a week most of the time. In fairness we’re not in much during the week so we don’t create that much mess.

W is for Washing. How many loads of washing do you do a week?

Probably about three a week although since the Beloved has taken to going to the gym EVERY DAY (excessive? Yes) then it’s increased by an extra towel wash.

X’s – do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?

I used to have a complete mania for to do lists which I have managed to get slightly under control. Having said that I always have the following lists on the go:

work to do list

weekly shopping list which I add to as I realise we need more of something

general householdy/life tasks list like paying bills, painting fences, making dentist appointments

Yes. Scarily this is my list making under control (you should have asked me the question two years ago!)

Y is for Yard. Who does what?

Or a garden as us Brits like to call it. I tend to do most things. Occasionally I have a strop and insist the Beloved mows the lawn because I hate the lawnmower since he ran over the cord a couple of years ago so now it has some complicated extension cable thingummy. Also my mum comes up once or twice a year to save me from stressing about pruning and pulling the wrong things out (are they weeds or not? is a constant question).

Zzzzzs – what’s the last task before going to bed in the evening?

Getting my clothes out for the following day. Tragic I know.



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  1. Ginger cake? Yes, please!

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