A meme to pass the time

I borrowed this from Spiral Skies which is a blog I do enjoy reading.

1. Where is your mobile? In my handbag remaining stubbornly quiet, although I did get a text from my parents this morning who were sitting on Sydney Quay drinking wine (I was dashing around in the dark trying to get ready for work, hmmm methinks I was not getting the best deal there)

2. Where is your significant other? At work. I think. Well he sets off every day for work so I assume he turns up but, because his boss is horrifically anal I am not allowed to ever call or email him. She needs to lighten up.

3. Your hair colour? Not quite as blonde as I’d like it.

4. Your mother? See above re Sydney. She’ll doubtless be worrying that she’s not here and the house, me and everything else will collapse without her.

5. Your father? In Sydney avec ma mere. Probably driving her nuts and being driven nuts by her. This trip could be a very interesting experiment bearing in mind they will retire and be forced to spend time together eventually.

6. Your favorite thing? My teddy. Given to me the day I was born by my Dad and constant companion ever since although can no longer sleep in bed with me due to the delicate state of her head and her many repairs

7. Your dream last night? Not sure about last night but probably followed the recent them of terror attacks – me watching planes fall out of the sky and having to hide in cupboards. Not exactly the jolliest subject matter and actually don’t know why my head’s insisted on playing them out like some bad movie.

8. Your dream/goal? To live happily ever after.

9. The room you’re in? My office at the moment. It’s unpleasantly noisy for a Monday morning.

10. Your hobby? I need to find one.

11. Your fear? Dying.

12. Where do you want to be in six years? In a more balanced, less fearful place.

13. Where were you last night? At home, clearing up after a very nice lunch with friends and finding everything slightly trickier than it needed to be because I’d had possibly one too many glasses of wine.

14. What you’re not? A relaxed person.

15. One of your wish-list items? Laboutins. 

16. Where you grew up? The countryside. Horrible torture as miles away from everyone and everywhere. It’s slightly less bad going back there now but still too many animals and not enough shops.

17. The last thing you did? My Monday morning report – it was so thrilling I decided I needed to do something far more interesting hence blogging at work which is actually very naughty.

18. What are you wearing? Purple long sleeved t-shirt, new shirt thing from H&M which is white with little purple flowers on, jeans, black boots. Aiming for comfort and warmth as I’m going skating ce soir.

19. Your TV?   Large and totally under the control of the couch commando husband type person.

20. Your pets? None although we have some friendly squirrels in the garden. I’m not feeling very friendly towards them though as I caught them digging up and eating my tulip bulbs yesterday. Grrrr.

21. Your computer? At work a lovely Mac; at home a very annoying laptop which only runs competently if it’s feeling “in the mood”, so not very often.

22. Your mood?  Monday morning-ish, not helped by a slight hangover which is never a good start to the week.

23. Missing someone? Always the Beloved. Ideally I’d just like to sit in his pocket all the time but suspect that displays an unhealthy level of insecurity.

24. Your car? Borrowing my Mum’s at the mo which is very scary as it’s her pride and joy and can go rather faster than is legal/good for you. Now the Beloved has passed his driving test though (recent exciting development), we are probably going to buy one of our very own.

25. Something you’re not wearing?  Much of a smile.

26. Favourite shop? Selfridges. The basement and ground floor as I can’t fit in to most of the clothes they sell but love the beauty and food departments.

27. Love someone? Yes, although not convinced it’s entirely healthy.

28. Your favorite colour? Purple and has been for years.

29. When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday. I was laughing at the small person attached to the friends who came round for lunch. He was having great fun putting all manner of telephones, remote controls, tops to lava lamps in his mouth (our house is not child-friendly) which was fine except I did have to de-sticky them all afterwards.

30. Last time you cried? Yesterday. Prior to fun with friends, the Beloved and I were having a “serious conversation”. It wasn’t very fun at all.


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