A week!

This is the first of several posts this evening (provide I don’t get distracted) because ideas have been simmering…

So my first week at new job and – on the whole – it’s been good. Monday was a bit of a shocker as the ‘induction’, ‘introduction’ or whatever you want to call it was fairly shocking. Dumped at a desk full of half eaten food and someone else’s stuff – were they on holiday, was I camping (eventually an email to HR – obviously no face to face contact as they still haven’t taken any of those necessary details like my bank account, P45 or ‘in case of emergency’ – established the previous incumbent had left the building and was obviously just v messy). Anyway, from there it has improved. I’m working for a favourite High Street name (and genuinely a favourite not a pariah like Pizza Express, Starbucks or Tesco – good for house prices bleurgh for community) and it’s all very interesting. Plus I’m using a Mac again – ’tis joyful.

Added to my days being full, suddenly I had a flurry of social activity. On Monday we went to watch (and providing audience laughter for) a new BBC3 comedy called “Clone” which was fairly amusing. Can’t say it’s appointment television but I might just watch to hear myself not laughing that much!

Wednesday I went out with my jolly good friend to catch up on her builder and NHS woes and last night found me at the Royal Albert Hall enjoying extraordinarily cheap seats (£5) for the Classic FM concert with my Mum – phew!

On the whole it’s been a good week but I have lacked some sleep and my poor little feet are just not used to wearing shoes so I’ve just had to give them a good scrub, soak and moisturise. Hopefully they’ll forgive me tomorrow,


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