3BT – 26th September

1. Hearing a piece of music I like and finding out the name. I must find it it on iTunes. Will go well with the Abba, Metallica and the Ting Tings – nothing if not eclectic me!

2. Being back in gainful employment and buying my lunch especially a Tuna and Salmon Junior from Itsu. For many years (given my gluten problem) I had crappy sushi from Pret and other such places and hated it. All cold rice and tasteless fishy bits and then I discovered Itsu and fell in love.

3. Winning stuff, free things and bonuses. I have never really won things but recently had a little spate of winning a raffle, getting a prize on the premium bonds and winning some vouchers. Also I do some consumer surveys and recently won enough points to get some vouchers (although top tip do not do Ciao surveys – they’re a con) which is hurrah. And the bonus? A tax rebate! I know it’s money I’ve paid but so nice to get it back. Hurrah!


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