Dadi Janki

Last night I went to a talk by Dadi Janki organised by Inner Space and came the closest I have ever been to an angel. She says this is what she is studying to be and I can only believe that she will be one.

At 93 she shows few signs of her age and the moment she took to the stage, the room was filled with a spiritual energy that I cannot describe. In fact I am finding it hard to put the experience into words (which is not useful if you want to blog about something). She stood at the front of the room for about 5 minutes and just looked around, seeming to engage every person there and there were no embarrassed silences, no wishing “come on then, I’ve come to hear you speak”. She just infused the room with her energy.

I don’t know if I have had a spiritual awakening as such but for the first time as a conscious adult (as opposed to a child receiving the accepted wisdom of the Church), I felt a real sense of wanting to be like someone who can only be described as a spiritual leader. In all honesty I do not feel I can give everything up to become a real student (so perhaps only a partial spiritual awakening), but I am determined to try to apply her principles wherever I can within the confines of practicality.

I left the meeting feeling lighter than air with a real buzz inside my head, but not a frantic buzz. Just something very gentle and beautiful. This is quite odd and scary.


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  1. hi dadi jee
    i anil from dhanbad india feel glad to to mail with my first-lapi.i am not a regular student of this institute past ten years but i want to recharge my yog-power once again tell to bapdada about this fellow.currently i am doing my post graguation i need murli every day in my mail. how can i get it what is registration fees.please inform

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