8 minutes to…

Gosh I am blogtatsic today…

So I’m watching “8 Minutes to Disaster” and I’m sure Mr Fabulous Blogger Tom will have plenty to say about it, ie editing sanitises the completely crazy bits… but God these people are admirable. Given my age (young in ambulance terms) I have been a relatively heavy user of the ambulance service I suppose.

1. I was in a car crash at 19. The police called the ambulance and I refused to go until my mum turned up. I probably should have gone as I had broken this, that and the other but I just wanted my mum in the hope she’d make it all better…

2. My shame. I overdosed at uni. Stupid. Sorry. Shouldn’t have done it.

3. My interesting collapse in April. Still no idea why. Diagnosis of post viral collapse seems to please medical professionals. If it wasn’t for the entirely thorough clean bill of health I would be worried.

I have also travelled in two ambulances.

1. The first was again at uni when a girl in my halls had a hypo and absolutely none of us knew what to do. First aid needs to be taught in all schools as a madantory part of the curriculum. We still would have had to have called an ambulance though.

2. The Beloved’s somewhat extended brush with pneumonia. On that night the ambulance service I have to say let us down. Obviously not deliberately but he was maybe being too brave or he really did deteriorate within the 20 minutes of them persuading us the walk in centre was the best option and him “going septic” (I’ve since found out this has something to do with oxygen levels).


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