Better late than never…and it was worth the wait

So yesterday finally got The Beloved’s and my arses into gear and went to see The Dark Knight. Admittedly waiting so long (and still not being able to get tickets for IMAX) meant we saw it in a cupboard masquerading as a cinema but joyfully the screen opened up to cover the entire cupboard wall so we did get some ‘big screen’ benefits.

I’ve always enjoyed the Batman franchise although the last set of Batman films did spiral into entire crappiness but Batman Begins was a great film and so too is The Dark Knight. What I enjoy about this current outing for the DC enterprise is that it combines good stories, thought-provoking themes and excellent special effects (thank goodness for a director that doesn’t like CGI). It also sensibly explains all the gadgets and gizmos (and who better to carry on Q’s mantle than god himself – Morgan Freeman is just lovely).

Obviously all the talk is about Heath Ledger’s performance and rightly so – it is remarkable. But none of the actors let the side down – it’s solid performances all round. But whether Ledger deserves an Oscar? I’m not sure. He probably should be nominated but you get a slightly icky feeling that the votes will be cast for the wrong reasons. Of course it depends who he’s up against…

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the film (although perhaps a tad over long) and hoping that Batman 3 will be as good (and keep the Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan combo).


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