I haven’t just been sitting on my ever-expanding bottom in my living room watching crap TV (although to be honest there has been a lot of that going on)…I have seen some films and last night I even found myself in a theatre. Even better I have managed to do some of these things for free (which is always a bonus).

We still haven’t managed to see the Dark Knight which is frankly shocking. This is largely because we want to go to the IMAX and it is permanently booked up. They are booking to November (bearing in mind this is a film that came out in July)…so we really must get our arses into gear.

I did pop along to the lovely Clapham Picture House (which I love because they have booster cushions which I suspect are for children but also v useful for the vertically challenged such as myself) and indulged in some afternoon cinema of the Mamma Miavariety (I always think there is something very decadent about going to the cinema in the afternoon and emerging blinking into daylight). So Mamma Mia – more cheese than a quattro formaggio pizza and some seriously dodgy tuning issues but SUCH fun and, on that basis, I cannot recommend it highly enough especially the closing title sequence which is glorious.

Less glorious was Rocknrolla (which thankfully was free). I have to say that my opinion about the film may be coloured slightly by the incredibly stinky woman who was sat next to me. Well I say next to me, she was rather large and spilled quite significantly into my seat. Her largeness was definitely a contributory factor to the pong as it was a yeasty, unwashed folds of flab smell. That probably sounds very size-ist of me (after all the rate I’m going I could end up with a bottom too large for a cinema seat) but honestly it really was that bad.

So to the film. I enjoyed Lock Stock and it was a fairly successful formula. But just because it worked once does not mean it needs to be remade into a different film. There were some amusing moments: the chase scene, the sex scene. But a couple of amusing moments does not a good film make. It was overly long and silly in its complications. I do feel sorry for Guy Ritchie but perhaps he really should try something different.

Last night I went to see In-i at the National. I love dance but sometimes I do find modern dance theatre a bit confusing. This wasn’t so much confusing but I did feel it was overly-long (perhaps I have ADD) and the lack of any real conclusion to the storyline was irritating. I suspect that was an artistic point as it’s about human relationships, specifically love and they rarely have any real conclusion…well that’s my theory. What I found most striking though is the difference between the dancer and the non-dancer. Juliette Binoche’s performance is technically very good but you can see how hard she is working and I could not get a sense of any real emotion through her movements. By contrast Akram Khan (a good Balham boy) just GETS you through his movement and physicality.

As it was a rehearsal show some of the art world’s ‘great and the good’ (and therefore a bit up themselves) were there and I did hear someone say “It’s like Strictly Come Dancing does dance theatre” which I think is quite cruel but I did understand the point she was trying to make. Binoche is skilled, she acts the part of a dancer well but the heart of the emotion is missing. It goes into preview tonight so perhaps there are still refinements to make before le grand spectacle world premiere on 18th September.


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