I really can’t be positive all the time

I have been trying and completing my 3BTs with good grace and honesty but this week has been very trying so I’m indulging myself a little rant.

Builders and their time-keeping. Is it beyond the wit of building types to stick to the appointment time they have made? Obviously ‘yes’.

Job Centres – just the whole thing. It’s horrible.

The inability of some people (okay the Beloved) to organise their social lives in a way that doesn’t depress, upset and irritate their other halves. He has a diary but unfortunately he also has a Swiss cheese memory.

Insomnia – yes I should be used to it by now and thank Crunchie for the Olympics to make a 4am wakeful moment bearable (on the up-side I did get to see a friendly fox sitting in our front garden).

People who say they are recruiting, then decide they’re not, then change their mind again only to go on holiday and leave everyone in an unpleasant state of limbo…

…actually the whole job market is depressing me at the moment.

Technorati and its complete inability to give me up to date information.

Southampton Football Club.


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