3BT – 12th August

1. I’m loving the Olympics. Highlights so far have been the gymnastics – how do those people bend themselves into such positions and leap about so amazingly? But mostly I just love watching people who are fabulous at their sport and being rewarded after all their efforts. Never being a sporty soul myself (yes I was always one of those ‘last to be picked’ people), I really admire it.

2. Being currently unemployable has its advantages. One is watching far too much of the aforementioned sporting contest; another is finding that UKTV History is repeating Tenko (AGAIN!) but I could just watch it over and over. Also I am suffering from a bout of ailingness (not ill health just general run down-ness – possibly brought on by not working) but if I want I can just sit on my sofa until I feel better.

3. Planting two teeny tiny ferns in a shady spot of the garden and hoping they’ll grow into something reminiscent of a woodland glade.


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