Mr Orange – what are you doing in my dreams?

I am a fairly vivid dreamer – unfortunately mostly nightmarish content which is distinctly unpleasant. However the past couple of nights have thrown up a rather odd dream subject matter. I wasn’t going to blog about it but then I read about Suw’s celebrity cameos felt I should probably come clean about my own nocturnal ramblings.

The star of my dreams for the past couple of nights has been Jason Orange – and I have no idea why. I’m not even that keen on Take That (apart from the Pray video which might mean I am a well-disguised gay man). Hmmm…

So the scenario is that we live in the same house with an eccentric landlady – rather like the marvellous Spaced. And that’s about it. There’s a lot of running out of milk and him talking about his power shower and both of us trying to avoid aforementioned landlady. All very odd.

I suspect now I have written about it the dream will go away. I am rather hoping it’ll be replaced by a more romantic dream starring John Taylor – but they seemed to disappear about 25 years ago!


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