The art of procrastination

And wow have I been practicing it today! I have a presentation to prepare for an interview on Thursday and I have done everything I possibly can to avoid starting it (including writing this blog!).

I try to eat my sprouts first – ie do the boring, unpleasant chores before tucking into the more interesting things of the day and I suppose you could say that going to Tesco, doing the ironing and tidying up the garden are indeed sprout like activities. However, today they have been a positively joyful distraction to put off the commitment of thought to paper. I suspect it is because I do not trust my brain to have a decent thought let alone grapple with a 20 minute presentation on the future of healthcare PR.

I have now run out of any thing I could reasonably use to avoid wrangling my thoughts…(although I could attempt to work out why my spellchecker hates anything ending in ‘ing’. NO! Get your laptop into gear woman and write the damn thing).


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