End of month report

So an update on what I have or have not been doing in the past month. Have I achieved my objectives? Have I bollocks!


Plan one is to reverse office lardiness

Lardiness continues. Skipping rope has been used about three times – this is not good enough. Walking in an energetic fashion has been achieved twice. Eating and drinking far too much has been achieved far more often.


Plan two is to do some writing

Well I have been blogging a bit more and finally got myself into a place where I could start blogs on the 3BT theme – this is good (I’m even on the role of honour – hurrah!). However other writing has not materialised. I haven’t even been doing the reading about writing which I’d hoped. I’ve just been feeling very flat and uninspired.


Plan three is to have one or two trips/social events planned per week

This has been going quite well – I might give myself a B+ for this one.


Plan four is to try and try and be a bit more positive about life in general

Patchy – I have started 3BT-ing so tick for that one. I had hoped to do far more meditation but have only managed it a handful of times and have got stuck on exercise one of the course I am meant to be working through. It’s not as if I don’t have the time, it’s just that shamefully I find it much easier to get sucked into Jeremy Kyle than (in the words of a rather fabulous ‘70s TV show) turn off the TV set and go and do something more interesting instead.

I have done a couple of other positive things: I signed up for an online course about recovering from infidelity – problem is I have to persuade the Beloved to join in. Hmmm…definite work in progress. My house is a shining example of cleanliness and tidiness (although again the Beloved’s ‘box of things to put somewhere’ seems to be getting fuller which is a tad irritating).

In summary: a month at home hasn’t driven me to complete distraction but I am sinking further and further into a pit of self-inflicted, home-based, mild depression which I need to watch.


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