40 word meme

I found this at Musings from the Sofa – which I do enjoy reading.

For some reason I just cannot blog at the moment. Lack of human contact and an overdose of daytime TV has turned my brain to porridge (and not the tasty Scottish type).

The rules are simple: one word answers to 40 questions.

Where is your cell phone? Handbag

Your significant other? Suffering

Your hair? Uncontrollable

Your mother? Over-protective

Your father? Bonkers

Your favourite time of day? Sunset

Your dream last night? Nightmare

Your favourite drink? Champagne

Your dream goal? Happiness

The room you’re in? Dusty

Your ex? Abroad

Your fear? Death

Where do you want to be in six years? Settled

What are you not? Content

Your favourite meal? Chicken

One of your wish list items? Botox!

The last thing you did? Lunch

Where you grew up? Lonely

What are you wearing? Shorts

Your TV is? Annoying

Your pets? Dead

Your computer? Slow

Your life? Confusing

Your mood? Dissatisfied

Missing someone? Yes

Your car? Hired

Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

Favourite store? Ryman’s

Your summer? Lengthy

Your favourite colour? Purple

When is the last time you laughed? Sunday

When is the last time you cried? Yesterday

Your health? Unpredictable

Your children? Twinkles

Your future? Uncertain

Your beliefs? Hopeful

Young or old? Old

Your image? Lacking

Your appearance? Unruly

Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? No


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