A room of one’s own

I am currently being driven insane by an industrial cleaning van that has been parked outside the house. Goodness knows what it is industrially cleaning but the noise from the generator thing has got inside my head and is in danger of making me cry.

I am struggling with a place to get comfortable and do computer type work. We have a lot of space here but I can’t work out where to put myself. I think this is largely because I share the house with someone who tends to commandeer all available space with ‘stuff’. This means he’s all set up in the living room with his laptop and surrounding bits of black plastic which I can’t quite identify but apparently need to be out. The spare room is his walk in wardrobe plus he has his own room (yes a whole room all to himself) which is jam-packed with DVDs, CDs, other computer type stuff…hmmm, I feel I may be getting a raw deal here.

So I end up on the sofa with my laptop on a cushion on my lap which is far from ideal. I think my task for the day is to go and see if I can identify a small spot I can set up so I can have my laptop and papers out at the same time and with the possibility of the comforting chattings of Phil and Fern in the background. Hmmm…

In the mean time, I must seek out more headache tablets and hope whatever is being industrially cleaned is soon up to the required standard because I will go mad.


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