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I am so ashamed. The dreadful murder of the French students makes me ashamed of how this country, this city is being reported as this hideous murder capital – and sadly we are. Every day this week someone has been stabbed in London. IT IS ENOUGH. Why are people carrying knives:

– they think that a knife will make them look good, will give them the respect they don’t get ANYWHERE else. We have let these kids down: as parents, as a society – I just don’t know. I have a 17 year old nephew and if there is an ‘incident’ in north London, I am scared.

– kids are scared – and I don’t fucking blame them. But we have to keep telling these kids that carrying a knife is NOT the answer. They are more likely to be killed, they are more likely to have a false sense of safety.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Boys have always carried knives. I remember my first year of college (or Lower VI as it was called  back then), at least two boys were seriously stabbed. I didn’t go to the local school because of a stabbing when I was four (about the same time ABBA were winning the Eurovision – see previous post for details) so ‘knife crime’ isn’t new amongst kids but it does seem to have got totally out of control.

I’m not scared for myself. I am an old woman to these children. If they want my mobile they can have it. I am terrified about our city. This wonderful place where I live.

The reason I started writing this post was about an entirely different new related matter. But it is the issue closest to my heart at the moment.

The thing that sent me to a rage (see post below about my ranting about the news) was the fact that the politicians of this country have not got a clue about what is going on. Oh mercy me, they have voted themselves a non-inflation busting pay rise (wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all vote ourselves our own pay rise?), but they’re rather keen on that John Lewis list aren’t they? Wouldn’t we all be? Do you enter the House of Commons and leave your morals at the door? I don’t think people become MPs for any reason other than they want to do good but the rarefied atmosphere of Westminster obviously distorts the brain cells. For heaven’s sake I found myself agreeing with Anne Widdecombe today – either I’m an aberration or the government has really let us down.

As I final ‘news’ note: I love Kylie.



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2 responses to “The News

  1. Tray

    Handguns are illegal in Great Britain…so, the criminals know that they just have to overpower you and then they can dispense with you as they wish. So, your average English citizen has to fight for his life and cannot protect himself and his family when the crackheads coming intruding. Now, if you are the Prime Minister, you have armed guards around you all the time. You see, in England, only the super rich or the government has access to guns for protection. So, if you live in England, just scream away, and hope that someone comes to your aid before the slasher finishes his job.

    In America, criminals think twice about kicking a door in, because they may get their fucking heads blown off by some grandma.

  2. Featherduster

    If people arm themselves with knives then stabbings go up. If people arm themselves with guns, shootings will go up. Noone in this country wants to have guns for protection thank you.

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