Smaller balls please

As an armchair sports fan I usually limit myself to 22 men chasing a ball around a pitch or people driving unfeasibly fast and changing their tyres a tad too frequently but every so often I get hooked into another sporting occasion and like the rest of the country I’ve become somewhat preoccupied with the goings on in SW19.

So I was cooking dinner last night preparing for confirmation of another woeful collective British performance as Mr Murray seemed to have lost the plot…and then suddenly all was transformed. Not only was his grit and determination something of an inspiration – but the tennis was fab too. The men’s game has become so much more interesting in recent years. Even though they’re serving consistently faster than ever, the game has become much more rounded – there are real rallies and real excitement.

Interestingly I think his performance last night will do more for his popularity than if he’d won in straight sets. Here in the UK we don’t really like our sportsmen to be too successful. We like them to make us suffer. Oddly as a nation we’re actually happier when a sportsman (or woman) doesn’t do that well. We like the opportunity to moan. Hmmm…well I’ll get back in my sporting analysis box as I seem to have come over all serious.


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