The weekend and random stuff

So finally got round to seeing SATC on Saturday morning. There’s something that feels a bit naughty going to the cinema in the am but then we all need a bit of naughty indulgence now and then. There were only four people in the cinema and – because they had allocated seating – we were all sat next to each other! Eventually we moved so we weren’t in each other’s laps (because there’s something a bit icky about watching a sex scene at the cinema when you’re on your own and so is the man next to you – call me old fashioned I know. Actually why was there a single man watching SATC? Strange stuff).

I really enjoyed it but then I really enjoyed the series, it wasn’t as funny as it could have been, some parts were far too predictable and it took product placement to a whole new level. But hey it’s fun not a cerebral exercise.

I was on my own this weekend so managed to get quite a lot done. Had to do mad frenzy cleaning as my parents are staying the night tomorrow and I am constantly wracked with the fear that my house never quite reaches my mum’s standards of cleanliness (mind you I work full time, she doesn’t and she has a cleaner).

Also spent quite a lot of the weekend being ranty at the television, especially the news. I cannot add anything original or intelligent to the debate about Zimbabwe but it’s a heart-breaking situation. I really wish Mandela would speak out. I know he has left politics behind him and will soon be retiring from public life (he’s 90 and deserves to put his feet up) but this is a subject on which he could have a powerful voice. In the spirit of “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…” then by NOT speaking out African leaders are condoning Mugabe’s treachery (and just don’t get me started on the crappily ineffectual Mbeki).

FOOTNOTE: Not entirely sure a post should start with SATC and end with Mugabe but hey, the random blitherings of my brain never could be fathomed


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