…and not mine!

I went for an interview on Friday (13th – was never going to be auspicious) which was really hard core and even included a mock ‘hostile’ TV interview (the joy!). The job is reasonably interesting although it would be something of a departure for me so I spent ages reading up about it all and generally trying to be professional in approach. Had the interview, seemed to go reasonably well, then got the phone call that ‘whilst they loved me, my skill set wasn’t exactly the match they were looking for blah blah blah’. Slightly disappointing at the time but fair enough.

So this morning get a phone call saying there had been a miscommunication and they had got me confused with someone else (hard to believe considering they gave their feedback within five minutes) so could I go to the second round of interviews?!

Perhaps I am too cynical but I think there’s something else going on and really don’t want to put myself through another tough interview if I’m already at a disadvantage (one theory is that they need to take x number of people through to the next stage and one has dropped out so I’ll just be there to make up the numbers). On the other hand they could have – belatedly – realised my various charms!


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