Lost…and found

I am delighted that Lost re-found itself this season. The “conclusion” of the “will they/won’t they/how do they” get off the island was a brave move and (I think) has really re-engaged the loyal fans (those that aren’t loyal stopped watching it ages ago).

I am less delighted with other things on the small screen. Why has Channel 4 mucked about with Desperate Housewives? Did we really need a break? Is the crappiness that is BB any real substitute?

Which of course brings me back to my love/hate relationship with Big Brother. Every year I vow I will not get sucked in and every year I fail – even last year when I wasn’t in the country for the final few weeks. So I watched them all go in but I haven’t tuned in since. Luckily the football is providing a suitable distraction so by the time I’m tempted because “there’s nothing else on tell”, I won’t have engaged (or so the theory goes).


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