Popcorn please

Actually not popcorn because I’m not a big cinema snacker.

I still haven’t been to see SATC. However, I have found a girly friend who will go with which is good news. I now just have to navigate my way around football fixtures to find a date.

Beloved and I still haven’t been to see Indiana Jones. Doesn’t help that:

  • he pathologically hates the cinema
  • aforementioned football

I’m going to try and do diary bashing because the next big film of the summer is only just over a month away and the rate we’re going we’ll just have to camp out at the cinema until we’ve seen them all.

Did see Cloverfield the other week. Good film although (to my mind) didn’t really need the sci-fi stuff – could have just been a good thriller with an unidentified “baddie”. To that end, I’m also looking forward to The Happening (although suspect that will be a small screen outing only) – is it me or are we strangely obssessed with apocalyptic films en ce moment?


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