Monday morning and absolutely exhausted – NOT good. Largely my sleepiness is because I spent most of last night coughing – again. I just don’t seem to be able to shake this chest thing. It hardly bothers me during the day but as soon as it gets dark the coughing monster appears. I am getting mighty tired of it as is the Beloved who even decamped to the spare room at 5 this morning it was so bad.

As an aside, amazing how light it is at 4.30am.

I am still suffering from general malaise which has not been helped by being made redundant on Thursday. I am hopeful this is a temporary blip on the employment front but I have a strange deep, dark feeling about it (most of which involves signing on and the associated destruction of the soul). At the moment my colleagues still don’t know that I am only here for another three weeks, they are being told tomorrow which I can’t say I’m looking forward to – I’m not good at receiving sympathy.


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