Hand crud

My entire office has been blagging anti bacterial wipes from me all day thanks to the latest rehash of the dirty keyboard story.

Yes, I am sad enough to carry wet wipes around with me all the time – see my previous post about the contents of my mehusive bag (although positively tiny in comparison to a bag I saw a very small girl carrying this morning – it was so big she could have almost climbed in it!).

Having a bit of trouble getting going this afternoon:

Our office is without water thanks to local building work/pipe cutting issue – it’s going to start getting smelly soon.

The weather can’t decide if it’s spring or winter (it’s 1st May for heaven’s sake, please can we have some sunshine?).

I have a difficult client who is demonstrating particularly irritating behaviour this afternoon.

Oh and just everything seems a little bit annoying.

Please with the footie results this week – an all English final is a good thing. Certain members of my household are also rather delighted with the performance of Mr Terry and company and – despite copious germs at the moment – did a very good impression of a jumping jack last night.


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