What’s in the bag?

I am increasingly bemused by the number of women who seem to live their lives tortoise-like with everything but the kitchen sink shoved into their bag which is then lugged around causing goodness-knows-what damage to their shoulders. I have been particularly struck by this phenomenon this week as I have observed people pulling out huge litre bottles of handcream, numerous pairs of shoes, complete make up kits and all sorts of other things. Also, I have been suffering from a really sore shoulder which is probably not helped by the fact that I too lug around a good few pounds of handbag weight. However, I have taken a really good look at my handbag and can’t really see much paring down of its contents for day to day living. What do you think?

Within my handbag I have:

– cotton shopping bag, I am trying to do my bit for the environment

– umbrella, a 365 day a year requirement

– one pair black leather gloves, it’s still nippy even though Spring has allegedly sprung (also handy in my secret life as a cat burglar!)

– sunglasses, it’s also sunny

– 2 x pens, a purple fountain pen for fancy moments and a nice stripey biro which my oldest friend gave me at Christmas and is handy for doing sudokus in newspapers (the fountain pen just splodges)

– Oyster card

– work security pass, complete with hideous photo

– 2 x lighters

– cigarettes, I know I know

– mobile phone

– Blackberry – obviously I don’t need a phone and a Blackberry but the phone is mine and the Blackberry belongs to work (also I have no idea how to drive it)

– pocket pack of tissues

– pocket pack of Wet Ones

– Smints

– keys, complete with highly grubby pig key fob which lovely boy bought for me in Edinburgh

– fold up hair brush

– hair elastic

– mini size deodorant

– note book for those “I must remember” moments

– diary

– 1 x Tampax

– paracetamol and codeine tablets

– nail file

– business cards in holder

– make up case (which I want to change because it was bought for me by one of the leeches and I really don’t need that reminder every day) containing:

  • antacid tablets
  • mini perfume
  • 4Head
  • concealer
  • lip salve
  • dry eye drops
  • plasters x 2
  • lipstick
  • moisturiser sample
  • anti histamines
  • lip gloss
  • eye liner

Purse (which I was given when I left a job about 10 years ago and is still gorgeous, lovely and Mulberry) containing:

  • spare Oyster card, for emergencies like Monday when my Oyster card didn’t make the transfer between weekend and weekday bags
  • 1st class stamps
  • card for One Fish Two Fish which is a really good restaurant in Bath I went a couple of weeks ago
  • CIPR membership card
  • large 2nd class stamps which are actually fairly useless and were handily mis-sold as normal second class stamps for my Easter cards which were – amusingly – of a tiny size
  • Johnson’s priority card
  • Boots Advantage card
  • Tesco Clubcard
  • Nectar card
  • newspaper cutting of a random event which happened over 30 years ago but which I inherited from my Grandma’s purse so I like to keep it
  • cards from my reiki lady which have inspirational things written on them – I don’t read them enough
  • 2x credit cards
  • 2x debit cards

Gosh, that’s a strange thing to do as girls’ bags are normally highly secretive places. But I really don’t see what I can not carry round with me. Admittedly I have a small pharmacy in there but actually I’ve noticed I need to get some Imodium just to cover most medical eventualities – you never know.  Okay I have a lot of twos of things and back ups but I am an anally retentive organisation freak so what do you expect?

Update: so after I’d done this, I thought there must be other people revealing the contents of their bags on their blogs and what would they reveal? Indeed there are (see below), and do you know what I found? My bag is a standard as everyone else’s.

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