I want to go on an aeroplane

Not a lot of note recently as I’ve been generally taking it easy following the whole hospital thing (although I did end up slightly addicted to Wii bowling on Saturday night but that’s only because I had beginner’s luck as my normal bowling technique is really crap).

I have decided though that I really need to go on holiday. I know I went travelling last year but to be honest very little of it could be described as a holiday and the six months since my return have been emotionally draining (to say the least) not to mention the physical drain of recent ill health. So I want to pack my little suitcase and head for the sun. Unfortunately my travelling companion of choice (although we haven’t actually travelled anywhere for over two years) has decided he doesn’t want to go on holiday. This is very irritating because he really doesn’t have any moral objections to the concept of holidays (we’ve been on enough in the past for me to know that he likes sunshine and seaside and stuff like that), he just “doesn’t feel like it”. Actually he’s just being awkward and you would have thought that, considering he causes quite a lot of my emotional drain problem, he would be slightly more inclined to be nice to me.

It’s all rather tension causing (which is exacerbating aforementioned need for holiday).


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