Not another bloody strike

In principle (and mostly in practice) I think unions are a good thing. There is however one very large, very notable and very active union which consistently gets me REALLY REALLY annoyed. It’s the RMT and their oh so delightful general secretary Bob Crow.

It’s not just that their planned strikes always seem to coincide with weekends and general holidays therefore giving their workers a nice bit of time off, it’s that they strike/threaten to strike with such alarming regularity you would think that they are the singularly most picked upon industry in the UK. The truth is they’re not, they get well-paid, have excellent pension provision, get goodness knows how many days holiday, generous sick pay allowances, other generous allowances but they still find it necessary to bleat on about every single change that ‘the management’ try to introduce.

I have no ideas on how this problem can be fixed, I just want to rant that the tube drivers in particular hold this city of ours to ransom every time they can’t face living in the real world and is it any coincidence that this strike is timed to coincide with the Olympic Torch being taken through London (don’t get me started on that) – ie when the eyes of the world/IOC are on our fair city? I think not.



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3 responses to “Not another bloody strike

  1. Richard

    “tube drivers in particular”. Just to set the record straight most tube drivers in a union are in the ASLEF union who will not be participating in this strike. Indeed there has been no official London Underground strike action by ASLEF in the 4 years I’ve been a driver (a couple of times action has been threatened and members balloted but nothing has come of it).

    Even if the strike goes ahead I predict most stations will remain open and most trains will run because (a) most stations can operate with non-union station staff and managers doing overtime (b) most drivers are not in the RMT, (c) many RMT members – sheep though they generally are – are not going to be give up 3 days’ wages for what they increasingly see as Bob Crow’s ego trip.

    I agree with the general thrust of what you say, i.e., unions a good thing in principle, RMT very very bad. Not sure why every strike – like the last one which was by Metronet maintenance staff – gets blamed on the drivers, though!

  2. I do apologise for including drivers in my rant, my only defence is that that’s the impression you get from the media. Note to self: pay more attention to the detail in future.

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