The end of another contract

So just finishing up at my current job before starting all over again on Monday (a case of bad timing and being far too popular for my own good) and I always feel the same: relief at not having to deal with the inevitable crappy bits that exist within any organisation for any longer; sadness at leaving behind a good bunch of people (you can usually find them lurking amongst the crappy stuff); and excitement that the next job will be so perfect that I want to stay forever (I am an optimist).

I do miss the stability of a ‘real’ job but I’m not entirely sure I will ever have one again because freelancing has made me hyper-aware of all the ridiculous politics that exist within organisations and relieved that I rarely have to engage with such daft behaviour (clients and journos are bad enough as it is without doing battle with your colleagues as well). I also quite like the detachment of being temporary – your job and the ups and downs that go with it are part of your life but not your whole life keeping you awake at night (I am quite incredulous at the amount of sleep I have lost over the years because of work). In fact the only thing that does legitimately does keep you awake is lack of work but (fortunately and fingers crossed) that never seems to last too long and sometimes it’s just life’s way of telling you you need a break.

Hmmm…all sounding very philosophical and grown up. Must remember to read this post again when I am having a major work stress!

As an aside, I am receiving an awful lot of spammy comments at the moment – highly annoying.



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2 responses to “The end of another contract

  1. If you don’t mind my asking, what sort of temporary work gives you this freedom?

    Please feel free to be somewhat vague.

  2. It’s the joy of marketing. Feeling I quite love my job today but other days it drives me nuts!

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