I am not good at being ill

Haven’t posted for ages as my common cold turned into a variety of hideous illnesses which have led to an even more addled brain than usual and a malingering cough which is causing sleep deprivation, extreme tiredness and general atrophy. Not good. In addition, my back seems to have started playing up again in the past couple of days*. I think I may just have to go around in a permanent drug-induced haze until someone decides to put me out of their misery. Anyway, as a result of my malingering maladies I have done precisely NOTHING (apart from drag my sorry self to work) and therefore had NOTHING OF INTEREST to blog about.

General update on stuff

I am still waiting for Carphone Warehouse to respond to my letter of complaint that they didn’t address the complaints of my first letter.

Had my laptop fixed although the people who fixed it are being very slack about sending the report so I can actually send my claim against PC World.

I still seem to be expanding at an alarming rate not helped by an influx of yummy tasty chocolate eggs.

*My backache may not have been helped today by the wearing of four inch heels which – when you are a size 35 – are about as high as you can get – note to self: be more sensible!


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