Where does meat come from?

Spent a very pleasant few moments wandering around the food fair at Spitalfields market at lunchtime and picking up a rather delicious roll which made a change from pondering Eat or Soup + Salad for inspiration. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

However, I am constantly baffled at the average UK consumer’s relationship with food and, in particular, a singular lack of understanding about where food comes from. One of the stall – in an admittedly bold move – had some of its produce (rabbits and pigeons) displayed in a somewhat unprepared format ie with fur/feathers attached. It didn’t seem that out of context as nearby there was a butchery demonstration and raw meat was available in abundance but it was obviously far too much for one woman who was stood near me. With hyper-ventilation rising, she started squeaking about how there were dead animals on the stall, how it was disgusting and people should be warned. Considering she had already walked past the butchery demonstration and at least one butcher’s stall, not to mention various stalls selling sausages and other meat products, I am guessing she thinks meat comes from some sort of meat growing plant where small seeds are lovingly watered and from them springs forth a lamb chop or two.


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