Random observations

I love meeting up with friends but I particularly love meeting up with friends you don’t see very often because you learn the most interesting things. First off: location. Freud’s is a fantastic bar and no I’m not giving a link because it’s crowded enough as it is. However, they make a mean mojito.Secondly, one of my friends who is – self admitted – somewhat neurotic will not take the tube because she’s afraid of terrorists. I find this depressing on many levels. If anyone doesn’t want to take the tube because of some nebulous terrorist threat then they have won. Albeit a tiny victory but still a victory and that pisses me off (I went on the tube on 8th July 2005 because I had to: I had to get to work, I had to prove to myself I wasn’t scared and I had to prove to the world – by increasing the number by one – that ‘we’ weren’t scared).Thirdly, it gives you a chance to say all those things you know are true about mutual ‘friends’ or colleagues that are actually true. Fuck knows what they say about me. Fourthly, you are confirmed by shared foibles and neuroses, and that means you are not mad! 


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