Deliciously dark

Post-tastic today.Just wanted to have a quick word about my current TV faves…Lost is back. It’s trying to give us answers, it’s also tying us up in even more unanswered questions. Just have to accept that that’s how it is and it’s a guilty pleasure.Tenko re-run. Re-run every day as often as you want – it’s seminal. Skins is back. I’m not the target demographic but I love it. It’s well acted, full of good stories and just a tribute toi how good British TV can be.And the deliciously dark element? Dexter. I missed it on satellite but – horror or horrors – ITV is showing it. It is compelling and  Michael C Hall is a world away from his fantastic character in the iconic Six Feet Under. This guy is a GOOD actor.


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  1. stratfordgirl

    I loved Six Feet Under, and have been put off from watching anything with any of the actors in as I am kind of worried it would spoil my memories of Six Feet Under… So I haven’t seen Dexter or Dirty Sexy Money or Brothers and Sisters.
    Maybe I should give Dexter a go, though!

    ps I have just randomly stumbled on your blog – there was a link on my blog to yours, so will have a wee poke around your archives now!

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