Heavy breather

I still have no voice, in fact it is down to the tiniest whisper so goodness knows why I decided to try and call one of my friends last night, her poor husband answered the phone and thought I was a heavy breather! Fortuitously they have caller ID so she knew it was me and my silly squeak. However, I am recommending Covonia Bronchial Balsam as quite a marvellous medicine which does seem to have made things not quite so bad (wouldn’t go so far to say ‘better’) – and it doesn’t taste too disgusting.

On the plus side this cold does mean I have rather lost my appetite. Now if I could just make it go on for about a month I might lose these extra few centimetres which seem to have accumulated recently. Alternatively I could bite the bullet and sign up for Race for Life and then actually commit to doing some training (running, training, enforced exercise – none of these are favourite words in my vocabulary).


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