I am still really hating Carphone Warehouse

Following my various rants about Carphone Warehouse I am afraid my whinge must continue. I wrote them a very stroppy letter and spelt out the absolute minimum I expected from them in terms of customer service/apology etc. What did I get? A standard letter which said “I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with your handset. You received a new handset on 14th February”…that’s it. Nothing about the replacement handset also being faulty, nothing about the countless minutes wasted on the phone to “customer services”, nothing about the inconvenience of having to traipse down to stores and deal with their shocking staff, nothing about the fact I have been a loyal customer and currently use them for a variety of services – all of which I will be terminating as soon as I can (except for the rather painful contract agreements which I just have to sit out).

So I sent them another letter today, enclosing my previous letter and drawing their attention to the areas not covered in their shoddy, shocking, standard letter.

I remain VERY annoyed.


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