My surgery has become strangely sensible

A couple of weeks ago there was a big old hoo ha about drs’ surgeries not exactly offering the most convenient hours to those of us who work (ie taxpayers who actually contribute to the unwieldy behemoth that is the NHS). I drafted a post about it because my surgery has changed its booking policy and opening hours so many times, it was nigh on possible to predict whether you could ever actually get an appointment. However, I’m glad I didn’t post it because my surgery seems to have undergone a fairly radical transformation which – shock horror – actually makes it easier to book an appointment. Getting an appointment with the nurse is still like finding hen’s teeth but at least there now seems to be a willingness to try and find patients an appointment time at some point in the future.

Long may it continue (although I suspect that given they do seem to change their booking policy every few weeks it may not last…now there I go again with my glass being half empty).


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