Trying to calm down

Cross letter is now written. Am I thinking I will get a response? Hmmm…they have my money so they probably don’t care. What has happened to customer service?

I mentioned some time ago that I was feeling very inspired by 3BT and wanted to try doing it myself – if only to get some discipline into my blogging because I have recently become rather uninspired lazy. However, I don’t think I am currently blessed with the sunny disposition and goodwill towards life to make this feasible. I’ve never particularly thought of myself as a misanthrope but I am increasingly grumpy towards almost everyone and everything of late – perhaps it’s just old age or perhaps I need some karma adjustment.

One person I am feeling very well disposed towards is my sister’s boyfriend who I met at the weekend. Well I say met, I actually first encountered him in Antibes last year when he was pursuing my sister and she was declining on the basis that there is QUITE A BIG age difference. However, she subsequently succumbed to his charms and I can see why – he’s absolutely lovely and demonstrates a suitable level of adoration for my sister (she is very high maintenance though so I hope it can be sustained).

Other things I enjoyed this weekend (as well as meeting aforementioned young man) was reading Blood Sweat and Tea which I’ve been promising to do for ages. I love Random Acts of Realityand reading some of the earlier posts in handy book format meant the ridiculously protracted train journey (engineering works again) from my parents’ home sped by at a more acceptable rate. You see what I did there? Tried to be positive and sunshiney and ended up moaning about trains, I just can’t do jolly at the moment.

Right, I’m going off to try and find where my jolly has gone (although given the prospect of a fun-filled evening tonight complete with smear test and my B12 injection I’m not hugely hopeful)…


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