Some people are the pits

I suspect that part of my current poor mood may be caused by the fact that certain members of my family have been behaving like absolute gits recently. In all honesty this is not a recent phenomenon (see point 13 of 100 things about me and here) and I really can’t believe that people I have loved all my life have sunk to such levels of bad behaviour but there you go.

Current argument is about some photos – in fact the majority of my grandparents’ photos – which aforementioned relatives liberated from my grandparents’ house when they, my mum and I were clearing it. In all honesty we said to them: “Why don’t you take these to have a look at, decide which ones you’d like copies of and then my sister and I can look at them and decide which ones we want to have copies of.” My mum could then have the album because after all it’s her family/childhood.

That was in November 2006.

We now have just received them back (this is only because my parents refused to sign some paperwork – relating to these relatives wanting to squeeze every last penny out of my grandparents’ estate – until they were returned). But the album (painstakingly put together by my mum and grandma) has been destroyed and cut up and they have stolen kept quite a few photos.

My mum – understandably – is distraught. My sister and I are highly annoyed because – apparently – we are not important enough to actually see photos of our family.

“Luckily” my mum has been able to provide the solicitor with details of the photos she remembers but are now missing (no guarantees that that’s all of them though) but is he going to be able to do anything? Who knows. One of the strangest things though is the fact that they want every single penny they are “owed” from my grandparents’ estate but at the rate their stupid behaviour is running up the solictor’s bill there will be about £2.20 left. It makes me sick that the biggest legacy my grandparents left (because they were not at all wealthy) was a loving family. I cannot get my head round what they think my grandparents would think about all this.

I am aware that reading this you might think I am being one-sided and surely they must have a reason for behaving so badly (like they feel left out of the will, like my mum did something awful to them in the past etc etc). This really isn’t the case. Yes, they have been treated differently to my sister and I but only inasmuch as they have been given everything they ever wanted (including my mum and grandad paying their school fees, buying them clothes, supporting them emotionally when their own mother was busy “having a life”) and obviously continue to feel the world owes them something.



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3 responses to “Some people are the pits

  1. Few things more depressing than this scenario but you should take heart (or not) that it’s as common as mud. Try not to let these people spoil your memories of your grandparents (oh, and btw, I am glad that, 6 months down the track, you are still blogging – I remember your first post!).

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