I really hate Carphone Warehouse

So the old handset irritation is continuing but now they’ve really really really annoyed me by messing up my billing, not doing what they said they would do, and putting me at great inconvenience because of their mistakes…grrrr…

As I mentioned before, I extended my contract or changed it or whatever else I thought I was doing which obviously not what Carphone Warehouse were doing. Whilst I was doing this, I made the point SEVERAL TIMES that I wanted to make sure the new contract didn’t start until my old one had finished because I needed my final bill so I could do the final cashback offer for my old contract. Assurances abounded, even in the official bit of blurb at the end he mentioned my new contract would not start until 27th February. So what happened yesterday when I opened my bill? Oh yes, my new contract has started, my final bill will not arrive…I got on the phone to them (0870 don’t you know, yoou have to pay a premium to be messed about by them) and explained.

“Oh there’s definitely been a mistake I need to put you through to another department.”

Put through to another department.

“Oh sorry, we can’t help you, you have to go back to customer services,” (where I’d just come from in the CW’s labrynthine phone system).

“Yes, there has been a mistake, you have to write us a letter explaining and then you can get your cashback offer.”

Could I scream? Could I write a REALLY CROSS letter?

Yes and I’m going off to do that just now.


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