Banked up at Bank

I was having a lovely tube journey this morning, seat from Clapham Common which is unheard of. It was lovely and then…

…it took me 15 minutes to get from about 2/3 of the way down the tube to the equivalent of the front of the tube in order to get out of the station. The platform was jam-packed, noone could move in any direction and there were no messages, nothing about the congestion. Bank is one of the few stations that actually has platform staff during the rush hour and they’re really needed because it gets so congested down there on the best of occasions. This morning was far from the best of occasions (no Jubilee line from London Bridge so everyone stayed on for the DLR from Bank, plus alleged escalator not workingness) and the member of staff on the platform was useless. There were no messages, announcements and the trains just kept on pulling in, opening the doors, more people trying to get off, no room, some crowd surfing. Absolute nightmare. It has taken me all this time to feel remotely normal and I really don’t normally get that wound up about being squashed, it’s a general fact of life.


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