Blog block

I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment but I am suffering from dreadful blogger’s block. In fact it’s not just blogging, I seem to be suffering from general malaise in most areas of my existence which is:

a – very annoying

b – not like me at all

I am usually an obsessive list writer, buy birthday presents and cards weeks in advance and keep a running shopping list in the kitchen (yes, I could also be described as anal) but recently I seem to be rather hopeless in matters of organisation as a result I have had to text the Beloved a number of times with a milk crisis, haven’t got round to putting up my pension payments desipte the fact I’ve been in gainful employment for nearly three months and have even ended up paying interest on a ridiculously small amount of money that I seemed to have overlooked when I actually paid the bill.

I have no idea what’s wrong with me but feel I may actually need a holiday quite soon because the wiring just isn’t what it should be…


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