I have decided to try and be happy and have a generally more positive attitude. Of course this doesn’t mean that crap stuff doesn’t happen and you don’t worry about decidedly random and unpleasant things (especially at 4 in the morning when there’s no chance you can realistically do anything about them), but at least if I try to wake up, get out of the house and get to work in a happy frame of mind then things don’t seem quite as grim.

As part of this venture I am trying to be more committed to my morning meditation which has taken something of a backseat on these dark days when most of the time I just want to stay in the duvet and get jolly annoyed when the first song after the 7 o’clock news finishes (this is my cue to haul myself out of bed). I am actually a morning person but find getting up in the dark deeply disturbing. Anyway, because I still can’t bring myself to get out of bed before the 7 o’clock news, I thought I would give meditating on the tube a whirl.

Now I know what you’re thinking…how can you possibly mediate on the tube? Well I’ve done it twice – this morning in the relative peace and comfort of an emptyish carriage and a seat (from Kennington – most happy) and yesterday I even managed despite my battery chicken status. Okay this isn’t super duper transcendental meditation (leave that for the weekends) but I think this is actually better. This actually allows me to feel centred, calm and positive even though I am squished on a tube being breathed on people with poor oral hygiene and battered by their bags and briefcases. Hmmm…perhaps I should go and knit a nut roast as I am worrying myself!



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2 responses to “Smile

  1. Suw

    Wow! What’s your technique?

  2. I learnt it at Inner Space in Covent Garden ( They just try to make it really useful so you don’t have to sit in the lotus position chanting “ohm”. The plan is once you’re able to do it, you can tap into it anywhere. I was deeply sceptical at first but it actually does seem to work.

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