Happy New Year

I really am most determined to make 2008 happier than the past couple of years (which, let’s face it, shouldn’t be too difficult).

Getting up and back on the tube this morning was a but of a shock to the system but at least the snow has held off so travel chaos hasn’t kicked in…yet. I could be speaking far too soon of course and actually be snowed in at the office later today which would be very depressing.

Visited the Emerald Isle over new year for a wedding which was jolly lovely. The Beloved and I had been whingeing about the timing because going over was SO expensive – plus I think we were both dreading the whole ‘being on show’ element particularly seeing a couple of ‘friends’ who have been decidedly less than supportive in the past 18 months. Actually though it all went rather well. Spent a very quiet NYE as the wedding was the following day. In fact, we just had a couple of drinks and played Scrabble – oh we are wild aren’t we?! But it meant we were on good form for the wedding and not stumbling through the day in a headachey haze.

The wedding was held at Barberstown Castle and a jolly nice place it was too – a shame we were only there one night really as I would have liked to have spent much more time moving from the gorgeous bathroom with its complimentaty L’Occitane goodies to the¬†deliciously comfortable four poster bed, all wrapped up in my snuggly dressing gown. Although one tiny criticism was the rather nouvelle cuisine sized Irish breakfast – Irish breakfasts should be huge at all times!

We really were frightfully well-behaved at the wedding too and in bed by about 1 – unlike some people who apparently didn’t go to bed till 6 (what is the point of actually going to bed at 6? Surely better just to stay up and have breakfast)! Unfortunately this abstemious behaviour didn’t mean we escaped the hangover. Well it wasn’t so much a hangover (ie thumping head and vomity tummy) more of a sleep deprivation issue (thanks in no small part to the party goers who were running up and down the corridor of the hotel at various points in the night – are they 10 years old?!) so we spent much of yesterday being very tired and quiet and wishing we were at home in our beds and not having to deal with driving, airports and trains. Despite this though, it was a jolly good way to start a new year.


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