General witterings

I am so bad at blogging at the moment. I would like to blame an exciting social whirl and a fascinating jet set job but I can’t!

It has been a bit of a struggle getting back into the work thing. I started this job so quickly that I didn’t have time to sort out any admin so I feel like I’m constantly behind. I think I need to do a nine day fortnight so I can actually get stuff sorted out at home. Especially as the light problem is continuing…for the past few weeks bulbs have been blowing on a fairly regular basis which is worrying and annoying. Fortunately most of them are just bulbs but the transformer went in the dining room – electrician job, and the main strip light in the kitchen has a very specialist bulb that you can’t find in normal shops – grrr!

It is good being back amongst the gainfully employed though and I’m excited about getting paid this week (well till I realise how much the taxman will have nabbed).

I’ve been spending a tad too much time on Facebook but it is really useful for keeping up with the friends I made in Africa – can make you into a nosey old madam sometimes though!

The main reason I haven’t been blogging is that my brain seems very full up of non-interesting things and there have been very few glimmers of anything that could pass for an original thought for a while. Whilst Christmas remains a frightening prospect in most ways, I am looking forward to having a few days of just being able to think a bit (well outside of the confines of tube rage, work panic, and domestic drudgery).


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