On the 1st day of Christmas

Why would you want to wash a turkey? Beats me.

I am feeling rather smug because I have ordered all my Christmas food (although Ocado – “we’ve released new delivery slots” – have let me down which is v annoying). It’s a pretty low key Christmas this year though with just me and the Beloved. I don’t think either sets of families are delighted but we just want a Christmas without everyone looking at us because no matter where we go, we do feel as if we’re being scrutinized and we’re under enough pressure as it is. Despite it’s low keyness, the bill is still rather disturbing which is a bit of a mystery as Christmas dinner is – in effect – just a poshed up Sunday roast and neither of us like mince pies, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake etc (it’s a dried fruit thing rather than a bah humbug thing honest). I’ve even resisted the overwhelming ‘need’ for Twiglets and Bendicks mints although I’m sure I’ll cave on the latter at some point.

Rather foolishly I am attempting to do my remaining Christmas shopping this evening. I had meant to go last night but spent the day feeling horribly sick and the prospect of battling with shopping hungry crowds did not aid the digestion at all. Actually though the shopping may not be too bad tonight as it seems about 75% of people will be at Christmas parties, well I live in hope! I haven’t got too many things to get. The one advantage of falling out with most of my family this year means the Christmas present buying and the Christmas card list has been significantly shortened although I do seem to be buying an inordinate amount of presents for children – why are all my friends so intent on producing? At some point I really do need to make a conscious decision to STEP AWAY FROM THE PRESENTS FOR SMALL PEOPLE.


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