The wrong trousers

No, not the hilarious animated film but the hilarity (or not) of the UK clothes sizing system. Is it beyond the wit of UK or indeed the world’s clothing suppliers to come up with one sizing scheme which means I can go into a shop, pick up a piece of clothing in the size I usually take and know that it will pretty much fit.

I’m not asking them to make clothes in my size specifically (ie short, no waist or hips but a rather impressive uppersection as it were), just decide what is a size 10 (or whatever) and all agree to make clothes according to that template.

Admittedly my wardobe does have clothes in about six sizes (fat, dramatic weightloss, even-ing out) but I am currently wearing clothes from main UK High Street retailers in three different sizes – all of which fit me.

The sizing disparity just means that buying clothes takes longer – you have to try EVERYTHING on which when you just want a couple of shirts and a cardigan on late night shopping in Oxford Street (foolish I know) you end leaving with nothing because you can’t face the hassle. Not surprising that more and more people are buying clothes online.


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