Going to work for a rest

I spent a lovely weekend with my goddaughter (and her mum and sister because she’s only two) but small children are exhausting. They seem to have an endless capacity for CBeebies and having the same story read to them over and over again and they NEVER sit still!

Yesterday I volunteered to look after my goddaughter (nearly three) and her sister (nearly one) – ALL BY MYSELF! I must have been mad. However turned out that goddaughter was having a bit of a clingy moment so I only had the little one to look after. This was good as she sleeps a lot and likes being cuddled – hurrah! However, I was filled with horror when she woke up for her nap and needed a clean nappy. I am really not very good on the nappy ront. It’s not that I have a problem with nappies per se it’s just I don’t have much experience of them and I didn’t know where the right nappies were, where they went afterwards etc – anyway quite proud to say that I managed to work it all out.

Anyway, after such a tiring weekend (including perhaps one too many glasses of wine on Saturday night which didn’t help), I’m glad to be back in the office where the most exhausting thing is the ongoing saga of my lack of email – grrr.


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