I don’t understand war

May be I’m simplistic, but I really don’t understand how people can treat other people as if they are not human. I’ve just been watching Never Say Die and like most other programmes about war, especially WWII, I cannot get my head round how people can lose their humanity and sink to such depths. I always observe Remembrance Day and try to think about the heroes but I really don’t see the heroism in war. Believe me I am grateful for the men and women who go to war; I may not agree with the concept of warfare but I do respect people who feel so strongly that they risk (and lose) their lives for those ideals. I generally do not respect the people who send them to war.

I don’t know why but this year I am more confused than ever about the concept of ‘going to war’. I am at heart a pacifist and wish people could/would talk instead of fighting. Many people will tell me I am naive and perhaps I am, I just don’t see how blowing people to bits in any declared or undeclared war is really going to sort out the world’s issues.


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