Final moments of freedom (well hopefully)

So it was a bit of a shock to get a phone call yesterday offering me a job and asking if I can start tomorrow – eek! Obviously delighted as Jeremy Kyle was beginning to do my head in (although will be missing Deal or No Deal which is strangely addictive). Plus of course the bank balance will be grateful for a cash injection after nothing but withdrawals since I went to Africa.

I’m trying not to count my chickens because this could just be a temporary state of employment but I have spent most of the night making mental lists of “things to do today”. This of course means I’ve failed in my first task: have a lie in (obviously not helped by the Beloved’s bizarre morning routine which involves waking up horribly early). Obviously there’s no life or death things that HAVE to be done today but life is accompanied by a lot of admin some of which is tricky to fit into a working day. I may actually still have to take a half day for admin next week because it’s the sort of admin (dr and electrician) that can’t be done in an office.

This working full time lark (something I haven’t done for over a year) is a bit of a frightening concept.


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