Round up

Hmmm…spending far too much time on Facebook – kidding myself it’s just because my friend base is growing and ignoring the general addictive quality.

So my eight weeks out of the country have been highly successful in terms of my football predictions – this weekend I feel it may have all gone wrong. Tried to get interested in the rugby but I don’t understand it and am more interested in Lewis Hamilton tomorrow – keeping most things crossed.

Stomach still ridiculously sensitive and am struggling with non African food – isn’t it daft that you get all worked up that you might get ill whilst you’re away and don’t then the minute you return home you stomach rebels – joy!

Lights have gone in the dining room – okay the ambient lighting is very er…ambient but not much use if you actually want to see what’s on your plate and the problem is that decent electricians are so few and far between that mine is currently (no not a joke) ignoring my calls.

Quite delighted that I haven’t seen any of the auditions for X Factor so am decidedly not interested in the programme – hurrah, this is progress.

Went to my first recovery meeting since I came back today – so nice to know there are other fucked up people in the world. I had been feeling so well whilst I was away but my life here is so bloody toxic that it needs all the therapy it can get!

On a final note: I LOVE autumn. It’s all cool and chilly so you can get cosy toes but the sun still shines nicely and the leaves are perfect for kicking along (although I have to say in London you never quite know what you might accidentally kick underneath which always worries me).


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