Last weekend

Quite a quiet weekend really but pleasantly relaxing. I practised packing my suitcase. It’s a terrifying challenge but I think it might work.

Southampton’s shocking performance means we are bottom of the league. Not a good start.

Watched 300 which is not exactly a film, more like a computer game with someone really good playing it (which makes a change for me as I cannot get my head round anything more complicated than Jawbreaker or Solitaire). It was a reasonable enough way to spend an hour and a half.

I have officially lost interest in Big Brother. For some reason the British Big Brother watching public have voted out all the “characters” (such as they were in the first place). It happens every year but this year is just yawnsville. Probably just as well at this juncture as I’m not around for the results and apparently much of the internet connection in Moshi is dial up so I really don’t want to be wasting my time waiting for pages to load. This discovery also fills me with slight dread when it comes to blogging.

Was put forward for a job at the end of last week and rejected on the basis of being too experienced – grr! I really do need to find a way of earning some cash.

For some reason the house looks like an absolute tip (blaming my visitor because the mess is in ‘piles’ which is his trademark!), so must get my domestic goddess hat on, ah well…


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