Waga salty

Just a word of warning to anyone attempting to make Yaki Soba from the Wagamama cook book – do NOT put 2tsp of salt into the Yaki Soba sauce. I have yet to work out what it should be revised down to but I tried the recipe for the first time last night and it was just SO salty – my tastebuds shrivelled and I felt my blood pressure rising by the second.

Beloved came up with an interesting theory – that they make the recipes a bit wrong so you think “blow this, I’ll go to the restaurant, it’s much easier/nicer”, I think he may have a point.



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2 responses to “Waga salty

  1. I think it’s funny that the two most rained-upon cities in the world (outside of Seattle and Kuala-Lumpur), haven’t figured out a method to overcome and deal with rain. How long has it been? Almost 100 years?

    (I saw your post on East Village Idiot’s blog, and I wanted to respond.)

    Nice coming across your blog!

  2. Lucy
    Nice to meet you!
    Let’s face it the rain’s been going on a LONG time. In Britain we have a problem with weather generally with the infrastructure just disintegrating at the slightest conditions outside of overcast mid-temperature dullsville (actually exclude Scotland because they at least cope with snow quite well).
    The most “amusing” combination though is weather and public transport: in the summer we generally have warped tracks because of the heat; in the autumn, we have leaves on the line (honestly I am not joking, they seem to think trees will shed their leaves upwards or deposit them neatly in the nearest bin); in the winter one snow flake paralyses us; and we have the wrong type of rain all year round.

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